Praise for the Memoir

The following praise is for the writing found in the 11-page excerpt that Linda offered as a $5 perk at the fundraising site for Cancer, Caregiving, and Contentious Love:


“This deliberate journey through caregiving, grief and the writing process is one that I deeply respect and admire. Linda Goin’s words will move you, immerse you, and offer you perspective, honesty and hope.”Cancer, Caregiving, and Contentious Love is willing to speak openly to an issue that is not always comfortable, but something that many of us have experienced or will, at some point, experience.

“Please consider supporting this valuable project. We do not tend to value our caregivers as the essential part of our community that they are; the work of a caregiver is often invisible. Let’s help Linda bring it into the light of truth and story.”

Mara Eve Robbins, Author, Poet, Tutor


“For every daughter who has a contentious relationship with her mother…

“For every mother who feels remorse for the past…

“For anyone who has moved through the stages of caregiving and the subsequent death of a family member…

“Linda Goin shares her journey alongside her mother during her mother’s last days. Her writing is poignant, heartfelt, raw and gritty at times. But most of all it hits at the heart, and truth, of each and every one of us. A powerful memoir that has to be shared.”

Kim Jacobs, CEO/Publisher Turquoise Morning Press


“Linda Goin’s book, Contentious Love is more than a story about an adult child taking care of a difficult parent. It is a memoir of personal growth, a mystery, an examination of past and current practices in medicine, and an anecdotal study of family dynamics. Fast-paced, witty, and filled with characters you probably know and facts you probably don’t, I highly recommend this compelling read.”

Janeson Keeley, Former columnist and caregiver, blogger extraordinaire, and owner of JTKWeb


“Goin’s ability to come to terms with her fractious relationship with her mother impressed me greatly. The fact that she was able to drop everything in her life and dedicate every day and night to seeing to her mother’s needs, to be with her in what proved to be the last days of her life…was literally awe-inspiring.”

S.E. Ingraham, Author, Poet, Editor. Read the full review.


Cancer, Caregiving, and Contentious Love is equal parts heartbreak and inspiration. Linda Goin shares what it is like to care for a loved one who may not want the help. I lost an aunt to cholangiocarcinoma and understand the difficulties the disease creates, under the best of circumstances.

“Sharing her experience with her mother, Linda’s memoir can help all of us, who at one time or another, will find ourselves dealing with a terminal illness. Either our own, or that of a loved one. I urge you to support her efforts and then to read the book when finished.”

Tony Acree, Author